1. This blog represents my personal opinions and does not represent the opinions of any other persons, companies or institutions I am associated with. The contributors are solely responsible for the content of the site and receive no remuneration for their contributions.
2. I will endeavour to reference everything I write. However I would ask for some due consideration as some material, especially at the lower academic levels will not have any direct references and therefore be more or less impossible to accurately reference. In which case I shall try to find a substitute, and if not I hope that referencing for related material I’ve written of a higher academic level will suffice.
3. I shall try to avoid injecting any opinion into the pages and instead use evidence to explain what the scientific consensus is. If an opinion is found that introduces an unfair bias, then please leave a comment and I shall try to rectify the mistake.
4. Science changes over time with every new discovery. Therefore some things I may have posted may be proved wrong in the future. If they are then please leave a comment with references and I shall try to rectify the mistake made.
5. Please understand that, just like science, this whole project is a work in progress. I will never finish it due to its massive scale and science’s ever changing nature.