Recent publications this past year

FinlandChapter 6 Applications of Scanning Electron Microscopy in GeomicrobiologyChapter 7 Applications of Transmission Electron Microscopy in GeomicrobiologyRea et al., 2018Reith et al., 2019 (annals of botany)Reith et al., 2019Sanyal et al., 2019Shar et al., 2019

The Microbes and Heavy Metal Group at Goldschmidt, Paris 2017



represented by Dr. Jeremiah Shuster and Ms Angelica Rea

  • Microbial gold (trans)formation: Examples from Europe and Asia
  • Cultured bacterial communities from Australian and African gold grains (with Santonu Sanyal)
  • Environmental Gold Cycling: The Need for a Kinetic Model
  • The Biogeochemical Cycling of Silver in Acidic Surface Environments

and presented by our friend and collaborator Johannes Hommel from the University of Stuttgart:

Dr Johannes Hommel

  • Development and Implementation of a Gold Mobility Model