Media materials

Media coverage (selection)

• Interviews for Nature concerning gold cycling the environment, published 2013 as P. Gynne, Microbiology: There’s gold in them there bug, Nature 495 S12–S13
• ‘Der Kinder Brockhaus’ a children’s encyclopedia in German, Brockhaus Verlag, Guetersloh, Germany.
• There’s gold in them there modified bugs, for New Scientist 10.10.09.
• Bacteria Have the Midas Touch, Iran Daily, 20.7.2006.
• Tip for Gold Prospectors: Follow the Bacteria, Henry Fountain for The New York Times, 18.7.2006.
• Bakterien machen Gold zu Nuggets, Der Spiegel Online, 14.7.2006.
• Bakterien produzieren mit ihrem Stoffwechsel Gold, Die Welt, 14.7.2006.
• Thar’s gold in them thar microbes, CNN Online, 13.7.2006.
• Goldsucher: Bacterien und Pilze (in German) by Rolf H. Latusseck for Welt am Sonntag, 25.7.2004.
• A corrida do ouro (in Portugese), by Adriana Kuechler for Superinteressante, April 2004
• Gold strike: scientist discovers that bacteria and fungi build nuggets, by Richard Macey for the Sydney Morning Herald, 28.1.2004, p. 3.
• Bugs can bring a golden harvest, by Brandan O’Malley for the Courier Mail, Brisbane, 28.1.2004.
• Minute master builders get gold into shape, by Emma Young for New Scientist Magazine, 14.2.2004, p. 13.
• Scope – Channel 10 kids and teenager science show 25.4.2010
• ABC Gippsland 16.7.2006
• ABC Victoria 17.7.2006
• ABC Radio National in ‘The World Today‘ 27.1.2004.
• ABC local stations in Ballarat, Rockhampton, Cairns 28.-31.1.2004
• Eastside Radio (Sydney), in ‘Talking Science’, Feb. 2004.

Links to Interviews: Radio and TV

Frank on German TV (Leschs Kosmos):   (07.03.2017)

Interview with Radio Hobart (03.05.2017)

Radio Adelaide-Gold Fever on a microscopic level (07.05.2017)


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