Check out the new paper in Chemical Geology

New paper in Chemical Geology:

  1. Etschmann, J. Brugger, L. Fairbrother, C. Grosse, D.H. Nies, G. Martinez-Criado and F. Reith (corresponding author) Applying the Midas touch: Differing toxicity of mobile gold and platinum complexes drives biomineralization in the bacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans

You will find the link to the manuscript here: Elsevier

Paper highlights:

  • Aqueous Au/Pt-complex stability, biotoxicity, biomineralization and environmental mobility are linked.
  • Toxicity of Au- vs. Pt-complexes a key factor for nano-particle biomineralization.
  • Metabolic state of cells a key factor for Au nano-particle biomineralization.
  • Different biogenic Au/Pt turnover results in different environmental mobility.

Chem Geol2016